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Your moving date is approaching. By now you have an idea of how everything will be during your relocation. You figured what steps need to be taken for your move to be a successful move. Yet, there are still some things you will need to pay attention to.

Shop around.

It might sound strange, but we ask our clients to shop around in order for them to see what other companies are offering in comparison to Pick Up Movers, LLC.

Pick Up Movers make sure the quality of the service, and affordability of our prices are appropriate. Second, we look to establish good relationships with each and every one of our clients—this is one of the ways to realize who we are, and what we are offering compared to other companies. We believe, by comparing our company to other companies, it will allow you to realize the benefits of working with us and utilizing the services we offer.

While shopping around, we ask that you do not fall for numbers because sometimes you might receive an estimate based on “nothing”, with no clarification of your price and so on. Please be alert and pay attention.

Keep in mind, Pick Up Movers can beat or meet any legitimate quote (quote with accurate inventory list, price, and clear calculations).

Finalize your Inventory List.

Inventory is a very important aspect of your relocation expense. Pay extreme attention to it. Why? All calculations of your Grand Total Expense mostly depend on the accuracy of your inventory list.

There is nothing to worry about in the event you have less items then what was originally anticipated during the time of estimation. In this case, obviously the total calculation will be less.

The concern rises during situations in which the client originally thought to take ten (10) items and ended up deciding to talk fifteen (15) or even more. Additional items affect the grand total—this should be understood because having more items equals a bigger inventory list.

Pick Up Movers reassures you that our price per cubic foot will remain the same for the originally scheduled volume of items, as well as for any additional volume in case it will be discovered at the time of pick up. We will simply revise your estimate and recalculate before we start loading the truck for the move.

Plan a To Do List for your loved ones.

As we mentioned previously, moving day is rush time. You need to be here and there, as well as having to take care of this and that. For that reason, try to divide your responsibilities. Vote amongst your family members for who will be responsible for the relocation by representing your household, and who will get a chance to experience this adventure. For the family members whose presence isn’t needed at the move site, they can make a day out of it. Plan to visit somewhere or take a short trip. Now is the time– enjoy the moment.

In addition to that, you will not be disturbed by anything and all your attention will be focused on moving, making sure you aren’t leaving anything behind, and that everything is done correctly.

Finalize choice of a moving company, and reserve the date.

Remember every moving company have their schedule capacity, and you want to be sure that there will be spot for you. Before providing a company with a deposit, clarify the following:

· Make sure that the company has a proper license and insurance. We’ve mentioned it many times, but please pay attention to that. You want to deal with real movers, and not with some wandering artists that may or may not even have the licenses required to operate.

· Company what will able to provide you with information in writing.

· Deposit will be deducted from the total amount of calculations.

· Deposit will be fully refundable.

· Deposit will lock in your rate, and reserve your date.

· Deposit will provide you with the availability to change or update your inventory and services requested.

Then submit the deposit as soon as you can.

Please understand what can affect your price. A legitimate moving company operates based on system calculations and every moving company have limit of the amount of jobs they can serve. As the result, the busier they get – the more of a price you will pay, speaking in a short term perspective.

For example, you are planning to move next month or even next week, do not delay with your decision. Today you might receive an estimate which is based on today’s situation and company availability. What will be in a week? No one know. Of course there is a chance, but… don’t take it. Be prepared, and organized.



Finalizing your choice of a moving company

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