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The time of your move is approaching quickly yet, there is still a lot that needs to be done. “Where to start? What to do first?” are a few of the many questions flying through your mind.

Hiring a moving company can give you great relief, but in order to do so any company would need your cooperation. Your cooperation starts with the provision of accurate information about your upcoming relocation from your end.

Take a look around, and see what items you are planning on moving. Write them down in a list and have it ready, as a representative will ask you about it.

If you are moving from a building, there are a few things to keep in mind:

The moving date

Whether or not an elevator needs to be reserved

Be sure to contact the management office of your building to inquire as to what dates are available for reservation of the elevator. This will be incredibly helpful – with knowledge of those dates, you will be able to reserve a more accurate date with the movers. Ask the management office if there are any additional requirements from you or the moving company such as a deposit, liability insurance, and so on.

If you are moving from a house, it makes things a bit easier:

Remember to be friendly and keep your neighbors in mind. Don’t forget to ask them if they have any planned events around the time of your preferred moving date.

Work and employment are significant aspects of our lives. This is something we understand—for that reason we ask that you inform your coworkers or manager, depending on who your report to about your upcoming relocation, but do not provide any specific dates as your plans may or may not change. Inform them and keep them updated accordingly – letting them know 72 hours prior to your exact moving date will allow you enough time to take the day off.

Scheduling flights, hotel reservations, and so on – if you are planning on leaving for a trip, do your research. Plan your trip, but do not submit reservations just yet. Try to think of a backup plan in case any delays may occur. Even if you have decided on a specific moving date—a plan B is optimal to have. This does not necessarily mean that the moving company is unprofessional or unorganized, but the moving industry depends on many events such as inclement weather, holiday seasons, traffic conditions, and/or emergencies. For those reasons, it is best to stay flexible and optimistic – select various days as your preference for moving.

Make sure to do research on your delivery location such as:

What type of home will you be moving into? (House or apartment, elevators or stairs, how many floors/stories)

Are there any moving restrictions at the destination of your move? If yes, what are they?

When will you be available to receive the delivery of your belongings?

Try to cover all the possible scenarios of your availability, this will help the moving company and you approach a more accurate arrival time of your shipment.

Now you have a checklist:

ð What am I moving?

ð When am I moving?

ð Where am I moving from?

ð Where am I moving to?

Your personal moving specialist is ready and waiting for your call, so pick up the phone—it is time to make a call and receive a quote.



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