Pick Up Movers pays particular attention to the future of its relations with customers. This individual approach- to address issues with each and every customer provides for a professional and fair transaction.

Our company takes the human approach in working with clients as opposed to others that emphasize on the financial aspect of the transaction, which only takes into account the interests of the company while neglecting to provide customers with the attention that is justly due to them.

We specialize in Local (Intrastate) and Long Distance (Interstate) relocations.

Pick Up Movers is a Florida based moving company. We are an actual moving company- NOT A BROKER OR AGENT. We are fully licensed and insured. We have our own trucks, our own equipment, and our own experienced crews. We can prove it!

Our company is made up of first class professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in the moving industry. Our crew members are trained to properly operate during transportation with the safety of the customers and their valuable belongings as a top priority.

Our main goal is customer care. Our employees must have operational experience in this industry (i.e. mandatory requirement as a foreman and truck operator is at least 3 years of experiences, no less than 2 and helpers are required to have at least 1 year of experience).

Pick Up Movers was established in 2013. Our company started off with providing local moving services and interconnected customers with company needs. We were able top find an appropriate approach and began to rapidly expand. Currently, Pick Up Movers offers moving pick up services in 38 states and deliveries in 46 states.

If you want to experience an easy and relaxing move- hire us today!
Pick Up Movers caters to your moving needs.

You can reach a member of our sales crew at:



Pick Up Movers LLC

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