One of the steps of getting ready to move is behind. You already came up with the dates of your move, rearrange everything you need at the pick up location, finalize with the household your are planing to relocate. So your next step will be a protecting of your belongings.

This paragraph will discover one, very important aspect of your move, which is  a Packing.

Protection of your belongings depend of quality of the packing service.  To see what quality of the service we are capable of, please view our Gallery. Few words about the crew, we work with full time employees, and before they going out to perform their duties we spend over 100 Hours of training, to be sure what they doing.

By providing you with this basic information, we would like to designate the importance of packing, that no insurance or anything else will replace that, and as you can see packing  requires training, experience, and hard work – that what we have ready for you all the time.

What is Included in your move at NO Additional Cost

  • TipsBlankets to Protect you Non Fragile Items
  • Packing Service of Non Fragile Items
  • Unpacking Service of Non Fragile Items




Service what have  Additional Cost

  • moneyPacking Materials
  • Packing Service of Fragile Items
  • Special Packing Service



Here is what we do


AssistantWile you on the phone with Representative :

  • We will detect what Packing materials will needs to be used
  • We will provide with Full Packing Service quote up to your choice
  • We will provide with Price per Item of Packing materials up to your choice



CheckIf you took a first step, and prepared yourself by getting packing material ready :

  • Your personal moving assistant will advice proper way of getting ready if you decide to do it yourself
  • No additional Fees for Assistance over the phone
  • No additional Fees for Labor if our crew will use Packing Materials you prepared for us



ic_filter_1_48px-128Packing Service, Item Selection

  • You tell us what fragile items you have, we providing you the Packing you need
  • Submit request of your preference
  • We always care some Packing on the board, in case if we will need additional at the pick up location.



Full ServiceFull Packing Service

  • Price for packing depend on Volume of your belongings
  • Unlimited amount of Packing materials
  • Unlimited amount of Labour hours